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    Taxonomy of Information Risk

    Information risk is a combination of threats, that pose a danger for an organization’s information assets, vulnerabilities that threats can exploit, and consequences, which are negative outcomes that can occur when such exploitation occurs. Records managers and information governance specialists have long been concerned about protecting mission-critical information from damage or destruction, but a broader approach to information risk recognizes the interrelationship of governance, risk, and compliance--the so-called “GRC” disciplines. This session will explain risk concepts from a GRC perspective and present a taxonomy of information risk based on five categories: (1) creation and collection of information, (2) storage and retention of information, (3) loss of information, (4) retrieval and disclosure of information and (5) ownership of information. For each category of information risk, the presentation will identify threats and summarize vulnerabilities, consequences, and possible mitigation options.

    William Saffady is an independent records management and information governance consultant and researcher based in New York City. He is the author of over three-dozen books and many articles on records management, record retention, document storage and retrieval technologies, and other information management topics. He recently completed a book on information risk that will be published in 2020 by Rowman and Littlefield. He is currently working on a survey of world-wide requirements for personnel records.



    Records, Governance and the Courts

    Although technology, law and the way we use information have changed, information management and governance continue to draw the interest of the legal system, and, the interest of the court system. Topics have very much evolved over the years, but the stakes and the risks are higher than ever. This session will look at recent court cases in the information governance field. We'll examine topics and trends and find out what we can learn from the tribulations and mistakes of others.

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    John Montaña, J.D., FIIM, FAI – Vice President, Information Governance at Access Corporation, Chief Executive Officer, Montaña & Associates an Access Company. John Montaña has long been considered one of the top experts in the world on all domestic and global records and information management issues. He has 30 years of experience in information governance and information management and has advised organizations large and small - from Fortune 100 and 500 companies to 12 member non-profits - in a wide variety of fields. A frequent speaker and author, John has presented to ARMA International, the American Bar Association, AIIM, the ALA and other professional organizations, and is the author of four books and dozens of white papers and articles in professional journals. He is a member of the ARMA International Company of Fellows, is a Fellow of the Information Management Institute of Africa and is a recipient of the ARMA International Britt Literary Award.


    Leveraging Information Value: The Path from IG to Infonomics

    After presenting foundational information on IG and its goals and aims, the concept of 'infonomics' is introduced. A discussion of the value of information as an asset and the challenges of conveying that to the C-suite ensues. Examples of data monetization case studies are covered. Attendees will learn about the linkage between IG and the emerging field of infonomics, and how focusing on finding new information value can help foster the adoption of robust IG programs.


    Robert F. Smallwood, MBA, CIP, IGP is an industry-leading author, keynote speaker, consultant, and educator. Mr. Smallwood is author of the pioneering text Information Governance: Concepts, Strategies, and Best Practices (Wiley, 2014, 2020). With eight published books on IG topics, he is the world's leading IG author.  He is a Managing Director of the Institute for IG, a training and consulting firm; and also co-founder and Publisher of IG World magazine. He holds an MBA from Loyola University of New Orleans, the CIP certification form AIIM, and the IGP certification from ARMA.  In addition to teaching IG courses, Smallwood consults with Fortune 500 companies and governments to assist them in making technology decisions and implementations. Smallwood was an AIIM International chapter founder and president, and a member of the executive committee of the Board of Directors, and is active in ARMA International.  Mr. Smallwood has published more than 100 articles and given more than 50 conference  presentations on documents, records, and content management. He is also the author of ​Managing Electronic Records: Methods, Best Practices, and Technologies  (Wiley, 2013); Safeguarding Critical E-Documents  (Wiley, 2012); Taming the Email Tiger  (Bacchus, 2008) and several other books, including a novel, a theatrical play, and the first published personal account of Hurricane Katrina.


    Is it Data?  Is it a Record?  Is it Information?

    Are you unsure about how to define data for your organization, let alone understand its lineage and manage it through its lifecycle? In this session we’ll explore the relationship between data and records, how to convey that to your internal stakeholders (including IT) and the implications it has on your ability to ensure compliance with regulations as well as your Information Management policy.

    Sue Trombley, MLIS, IGP, FAI, is Managing Director of Global Engagement at Iron Mountain. Trombley led Iron Mountain’s Information Management Consulting group for 10 years managing a team of subject matter experts and running large projects.  She now presents Information Lifecycle Management topics to customers across the globe and conducts research to share with the Information Management community at large. Trombley is a frequent blogger and international speaker. She sits on the University of Texas at Austin School of Information Advisory Council, is a past AIIM Board member and is a past ARMA regional advisor and past-president of its Boston Chapter.  She is ARMA Fellow #51.


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