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    The MAD Side of Records Management (Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures)

    The goal of this session is to share core concepts, key insights, and provide a set of essential practices and tasks that create partnership, and optimize and support the RIM requirements within all phases of a deal – Approval to Negotiate through full integration of the acquired entity. This session will be lively and should appeal to RIM professionals who are interested in, or in the midst of, MA&D work both new and experienced.

    Rachael Heade, Sr. Program Manager, Information Management Policy and Compliance, Corporate External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft – Litigation, has been part of the Microsoft Corporate Records Management team for 20 years. During that time, she has participated in the ongoing development and implementation of all aspects of the CorpRM/RIM program at Microsoft. In her current position, she is responsible for the compliance side of the house with full oversight of the Corporate Document Retention policy and the Corporate Document Retention Schedule as well as driving retention compliance across all formats and company disciplines domestically and internationally.

    Additionally, she is responsible for the transition of documents and retention policy application for data migration on all mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. She has actively participated in over 100 M&A deals including acquisitions ranging from small startups to Skype, Nokia, and GitHub standing up joint ventures, and executing on divestitures of full entities such as Nokia to small sub-divestitures to Uber, Facebook and others.

    Prior to Microsoft, Rachael was the Federal Grant Administrator for the City of Everett, a small municipality 35 miles north of Seattle and spent numerous years as a consultant to local, state and federal agencies in the area of public transportation regulatory compliance, funding and planning.

    On a personal note; she loves the Pacific Northwest, Cape Breton fiddle, all manner of bagpipes, and knitting, reading and birding in her backyard. 


    The Role of Ethics in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

    Data science and AI are having a bigger impact on everyday life – as this happens it is important that we begin to examine the implications and address controls and limits. Decision making about human lives with little or no human intervention, can be troublesome and should be mitigated. We will discuss various camps and approaches to address these issues. Awareness and being data literate will allow us to ask the right questions.

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    Sharon Morris left her data analysis career and missed it so she went back with stronger data analytics skills along with being a subject matter expert in information management and privacy.

    Sharon is a data professional Unicorn, not only does she has experience with using advanced data analytics techniques and tools, she has many years of experience managing data life-cycle and controls. She understands the importance of creating the single source of truth of data used in the analytics pipeline.


    Robotic Process Automation

    How an Integrated approach to data digitization will better enable future business and robotic process automation solutions

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    Wasim Khan, Chief Data Officer at Ripcord Khan will spearhead Ripcord’s digital growth, including developing an integrated marketing strategy and programs. He is tasked with helping shape the unique and innovative digital transformation agenda and scaling the business for newer partner and customer outreach. Khan brings a proven business track record for driving sales, building sustainable growth and increasing profitability to Ripcord—all this in addition to a rich, deep understanding of the drivers behind current corporate data and information management solution purchases. An expert and pioneer in cloud-based document sharing solutions and SaaS sales models, Khan is ideally placed to drive Ripcord’s market penetration in new sectors and new geographies.


    A Fireside Chat with Voya and Active Navigation

    Four years ago, a new Records and Information Management Team was formed at Voya. Historically, the Voya enterprise applied a passive management approach to physical records storage and related disposition. The Records and Information Management team helped to create and impart a RIM program founded on industry best practices.

    During the RIM Team’s Discovery exercise to identify hosted and offsite Physical Records across the Voya Universe, they uncovered that Voya stores thousands of boxes offsite. One of the observations coming out of the discovery exercise was that a majority of these boxes were aged past their intended useful life.  Keeping records past their useful life introduces risk and may cause issues from compliance, legal, and regulatory perspectives. This also creates unnecessary spend to store the boxes.

    Volha Parfionova is the Records and Information Manager at Voya Financial, Inc. (NYSE: VOYA).

    In this role, Volha executes the implementation of Records & Information Management documentation, measurement and reporting processes.  She implements the Records and Information Management Team’s multi-disciplinary enterprise accountability framework that helps to ensure the appropriate behavior in the valuation of information and the definition of the roles, policies, processes, and metrics required to manage broad information lifecycles, including defensible disposition.

    Volha provides support to the Records & Information Management model in documenting the review of materials to determine sufficiency of action items derived from different business and support areas of the organization.  She also provides guidance and feedback while helping review solutions with key stakeholders.  In addition, she maintains current industry and regulatory expertise and insights in order to provide clear guidance that aligns the Records & Information Management program with industry standards and business priorities.

    Prior to joining Voya’s Records & Information Management Office in 2016 as records and information management analyst, Volha served as senior executive assistant to the company’s c-suite leaders.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in Finance and Investments from Baruch College.

     Steve Matthews is the Vice President of Business Development at Active Navigation.  In this role, Steve is seen as both a trusted advisor to clients and an expert in the information governance field. With over 20 years of experience in sales and go-to-market strategy in the software industry, Steve combines a rare mix of business requirements, technical knowhow and information management and governance expertise. During Steve’s career with Active Navigation he has directly overseen, or been closely involved with, the roll-out of its solutions across more than one hundred customers. 


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