Chapter Recognition

    ARMA international chapter awards

    The ARMA Metro NYC Chapter falls into the Very Large Chapter Category of the annual awards given out by ARMA International.   We submit entries in the folloing categories yearly, and have been fortunate to win several of them.  They are awarded at the ARMA International Conference held in the fall of every year.  More information on the ARMA International awards can be found by clicking here

    Chapter of the Year (COTY)

    The Chapter of the Year Award has four membership size categories and is presented to the chapter that has most effectively demonstrated its support and promotion of ARMA International's objectives through its programs and activities.  The chapter is judged for its submission in the areas of chapter characteristics, educationa/professional development, projects, pulic relations, chapter maintenance and outside activites.  

    Chapter Newsletter Of The Year Award

    The chapter newsletter is the basic medium of communication embracing the transfer of information throughout and beyond Association membership. A chapter newsletter should be a publication that recipients look forward to receiving, that is satisfying to read, and leaves the readers with a sense that they are privy to an information source as a benefit of belonging to the Association. The chapter’s newsletter should be seen as a vehicle to educate the membership.  It is judged on quality and relevance of material, originality of information, quality of presentation, quantity of material and frequency of publication. 

    Chapter Innovation Award

    This award recognizes a chapter that has taken an innovative approach to enhance an area of its operations or programs. For example, this might be awarded for an innovative way a chapter has increased membership, increased participation on the board, meeting, or project, or gotten a high quality speaker with limited to no funding.

    Special Project Award

    The purpose of the Service Project Award is to establish an annual award for the best RIM-focused service project completed by a region, chapter, or individual. This award is presented to the region, chapter, or individual that most effectively conducted a service project and advanced the public’s awareness of records and information management. This award is open to all ARMA-chartered regions, chapters, or individual members. Entries must relate to a service project designed and implemented within the previous fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). The project should a have a specified start date and finish date, and a purpose with a measurable means of success or specified finished product.

    Membership Recruitment Award

    ARMA International recognizes chapters who have increased membership over the previous year.  Each chapter will automatically be entered for this award and will be monitored by ARMA Headquarters.

    Chapter Merit Award

    The Chapter Merit Award is to recognize chapters that have actively participated in projects and programs identified with the annual goals of ARMA International. Each chapter is eligible for this award during the fiscal year.  To view the requirements for this award, please click here.

    Chapter Website of the Year Award

    The Chapter Website of the Year award recognizes the chapter (in each of four membership size categories) that has most effectively used its Web page to present RIM, inform members of chapter activities, and promote the chapter, its activities, and ARMA International during the association year (July 1 through June 30). The membership size category is determined from the closing membership figures (June 30) of the year prior to the year being judged.

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