About Us

    Chapter Vision Statement

    To be the leading ARMA chapter, regional authority and best resource for information management and governance professionals in the Metropolitan New York City area.

    Chapter Mission Statement

    To provide engaging educational content, exceptional networking opportunities and meaningful collaboration with information governance professionals in the Metropolitan New York City area, in order to promote, support and sustain individuals’ career and business growth. 

    Chapter History

    For over half a century New York has been at the forefront of efficient document management. The ARMA Metro New York Chapter was founded in 1920 as the Filing Association of New York. The name was retained until the early 1950′s, when the organization became the Records Management Association of New York, and incorporated in 1955. The name change represented the growing professionalism of our members and the broadened scope of their field. When the national organization was formed in 1956, we became one of the charter (and largest) branches.  In 1969, our name was changed to American Records Management Association — New York Chapter, Inc. to conform to the standard nomenclature of the national organization.

    Association of Records Executives and Administrators (AREA) was formed in November, 1955 by twelve New York City records administrators. Membership grew steadily to around 300 in 1966, with members located throughout the United States, Canada and a few other foreign countries. Because of the repeated requests, in 1966 other chapters were chartered in Washington, DC; Toronto, Canada; Tallahassee, Florida and Westchester/Fairfield. 

    In 1975, members of the American Records Management Association (ARMA) and the Association of Records Executives and Administrators (AREA) voted to merge and form a new international not-for-profit professional association known as the Association of Records Managers and Administrators, retaining the ARMA acronym. The group's mission was to provide global leadership to records and information management professionals. We became its Metropolitan New York Chapter, and were incorporated in October, 1980.  

    The Metropolitan New York City (ARMA Metro NYC) chapter currently has over 300 members, consisting of a diverse group of Records and Information Management (RIM) and Information Governance (IG) professionals from a variety of industries, including banking, finance, insurance, pharma, media, energy, government, legal and technology.  

    Our primary aim is to educate our members in the areas of Information Governance, including Records and Information Management.  We do this through our monthly educational meetings: ARMA @ Noon, our Evening Chapter Meetings, as well as our premier Annual Spring Conference held in March.  In addition, we offer the ASPIRE program (Advancing Speakers, Presenting Issues in RIM Effectively).   We also publish articles of interest in our bi-monthly newsletter, "The Exchange", as well as provide connections via social media for discussion on the latest trends and information on all chapter events.  

    ARMA Metro NYC is a chapter of the parent organization, ARMA International.

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