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    BitmoGene Telegram - December 2019 (2020 Vision)


    Dear Chapter Members and Friends:

    Being engaged in an industry in the midst of dynamic change, I can’t help but feel that there’s a sense of serendipity in approaching the year 2020.

    Whether you chalk it up to good auspices, dumb luck, or nothing more than my own admittedly flawed penchant for cheesy marketing gimmicks, the 20/20 vision metaphor is a fitting one for us at this time.

    It’s exciting to be traversing a road with so many paths and potential outcomes - a road full of amazing opportunities. As stewards of our organizations’ information assets, we need a clarity of vision and strategic direction, now more than ever.

    With Opportunity Comes Responsibility

    Our relevance in what is now a truly global conversation will be scripted by the actions we take today, as ambassadors of the discipline of Information Governance. The manner in which we educate, collaborate and cooperate in this truly evolutionary era will determine how the power of the information we harness will be used tomorrow.

    So my message to you, the member/practitioner/teacher/student/evangelist, is simply this … stick with it! Make your voice heard in shaping the business and regulatory climate of future generations. There is no better way to do that than to be actively involved in your ARMA chapter.

    So the only question is …

    What Are You Waiting For?

    We get it. There’s a lot going on in your professional, family and social lives. We have those too (some more than others). But volunteering for your local ARMA chapter affords you tremendous opportunities in professional development, networking and new friendships that you would simply not get an opportunity to experience otherwise. Why not take a closer look at all we have to offer:

    And in turn, offer us your creative energy and fresh perspective on how to help lead our profession into the next generation.


    January, February ...

    Everyone's favorite third month is not just a word for what BitmoGene likes to do to the beat of his own drum. It also happens to be the time of year that ARMA Metro NYC puts on our annual Spring Conference.

    Introducing ...

    On March 10, 2020 at the AMA Executive Conference Center in the heart of Times Square, we will deliver four tracks of educational content, featuring some of the hottest topics and the most influential and sought-after speakers in the biz.

    This year we will be running our popular ASPIRE program on its very own track.  Click the logo to learn more about this unique ARMA Metro NYC Chapter program:


    As usual, we will be handing out CRM and IGP credits like candy at a parade. And all of our live educational events are flush with scrumptious catered meals, and are book-ended with mingling and good old fashioned networking. It’s a great opportunity to engage with like-minded practitioners, meet new friends, and perhaps reconnect with old ones.


    Salsa, Anyone?    

    Any dance that features a partner dip is pretty cool. But let’s face it … 

    A dance that you can also dip your tortilla chip into?  Where do I sign up?!?

    For our January social, we will be partnering with our friends at the New York City Paralegal Association on a Salsa dance instructional/mixer in midtown Manhattan on Thursday, January 16th 2020.

    The event will be held at Ripley-Grier Studios (36th St. & 8th Ave) from 6:30-9:30pm.

    Our own chapter member, Louis Tirado, will be leading the class, and will be assisted by a partner - another pedigreed dance instructor (Caroline). Louis and Caroline will go through some individual dance steps for the first half of the class before introducing alternating partners. This will be followed by some free dance time where everyone gets to show off their new moves.

    Seriously, where do I sign up …

    Well, we’re still working out a few details. Keep an eye out for registration invites arriving in your email inbox soon!


    It Pays To Partner

    Both the CONFIRM.NYC and the January social networking events are being sponsored by our amazing friends at:

    We are grateful for the support and friendship of all our business partners. We believe our business partners are just that: equal contributors to the RIM/IG ecosystem, injecting a much-needed dose of thought leadership and innovation into a dynamic and rich dialogue. Check out our partnering page to learn more about our program, and to take advantage of our market-centric partnership approach.

    Happy New Year!

    On Behalf of the Board of Directors, wishing you and your families a healthy and happy (and visionary) 2020!


    Eugene Stakhov, CRM, CDIA+
    ARMA Metro NYC Chapter

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