Chapter Leader Of The Year

    The Chapter Leader of the Year Award, which began during the 2009-2010 fiscal year, is sponsored by ARMA International and is presented by each chapter to its most outstanding leader for the previous year.

    In evaluating the candidates, emphasis is given to the leader’s participation in and contribution to the chapter’s activities. Chapter Leader of the Year is selected by the Board of Directors. An "official" plaque is sent to the recipient by ARMA International after the annual conference in the fall of each year. 

    Here's the list of Honorees.

    2017 -  Mary Sherwin, CRM, IGP

    2016 -  Mary Sherwin, CRM, IGP

    2015 - Eugene Stakhov, CRM

    2014 - Anita Castora, CRM

    2013 - Marcel Rodriguez

    2012 - Frank LaSorsa, CRM

    2011 - Melissa Dederer, CRM

    2010 - Melissa Dederer, CRM

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