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    Requirements for Personal Information Protection

    Part 1: U.S. Federal Law
    This updated Part 1 paper discusses 32 federal personal information protection laws and their records management impact. Each summary includes the year the Act was passed, the citation (either U.S. Code or Public Law), a summary of provisions, definitions of personally identifiable information and records related terms where applicable, and any implied or explicit RIM impact. The summary of provisions includes overviews of the major provisions of each law.

    Part 2: U.S. State Laws
    This updated Part 2 paper covers protection of personal privacy information in U.S. state laws and its impact on records management programs. The choice of the 26 privacy issues covered in this document is based on high profile privacy issues from the National Conference of State Legislatures, the National Association of Chief Information Officers, and various news sources. Some Freedom of Information laws having privacy or confidentiality requirements were also included in this document.

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    Press Release: Vonore, TN (10-5-17) The Foundation (ARMA International Educational Foundation-AIEF), announces the release of two, 2017 revised research reports.

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