2016 Annual Conference Presentations

    Conference Presentations

    For session descriptions and other helpful information please refer to Conference Brochure.

    SESSION 1 - 9:45 AM

    How to Plan and Implement Your Information Governance Program by Rick Tucker and Richard Medina

    Using IG to Navigate The Data Lake and Its Security Pitfalls by Galina Datskovsky, PH.D., CRM and Ronald J. Hedges, JD

    Making Data Classification Work for your Program by Deborah Butler, JD

    10 Things to Know about Record Retention by William Saffady

    SESSION 2 - 11:30 AM

    Implementing Effective RIM Program Audits (no presentation available) by Tina Torres, CRM, PMP

    The Cybersecurity Threat Landscape (no presentation available)  by George Schutzel, FBI

    IG, Risk and Compliance: Where Recordkeeping Fits into the Entire Data Lifecycle (no presentation available)  by James Dawson, CSSLP

    So You Want to be a Certified Information Governance Professional?, handout: Becoming an IGP - Case Study by Jason Stearns, CRM, IGP

    SESSION 3 - 1:45 PM

    A Case Study on Email Archiving and the Quest Against the PST File by Tera Ladner, JD, IGP, CRM

    Information Sprawl and Data Loss Prevention by Heidi L. Wachs, JD, CIPP/US

    Auto Deletion in Active Litigation Environments by Ann Kershaw, JD

    Handout: Culpability Threshhold for Sanctions under new FRCP 37 - by Anne Kershaw, JD

    Speak on the Spot: An Aspire Session by Leader: Lauren Barnes, CRM, Moderators: Jennifer Watters-Farley, CRM, IGP and Cindy Shea-Zuvich, CRM, CIP

    SESSION 4 - 3:15 PM

    Data Management, IG and RIM by Moderator: David Smythe, Panelists: Jennifer Ippoliti, Richard Kessler, Paolo Mittiga

    Impact of Privacy & Security on RIM by Jay Wood

    Enterprise Taxonomy Planning and Structure: A Case Study by Eugene Stakhov, CRM, CDIA+ and Thomas Moss

    5 Steps to Better Writing by Melissa Dederer, CRM, IGP





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